Supervision, and training in Copenhagen, The Nordic countries, and online

More than 20 years of experience with supervision, training, management, counselling and sparring in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Short waiting time, flexible, evidence-based treatment methods, confidential supervision, and sparring, focusing on professional development, and business-related challenges.

Welcome to my clinic in Copenhagen

My clinic is located at Psykologhuset Glasgården in Copenhagen, with comfortable, bright, and spacious premises. I also offer training and supervision at institutions and companies in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and consultations online via a safe communication platform.

Supervision and personal development

For psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, and other professionals.

Supervision and personal development

For authorization, specialization, and personal development. I am a certified specialist and supervisor in psychotherapy and clinical psychology, approved by the Danish Psychological Association, the Norwegian Psychological Association, and the Danish Psychiatric Association.
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Training in psychotherapy

Introductory course and three-year specialization program in Intensive Short - Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)

Training in psychotherapy

Get a more nuanced understanding of the therapeutic processes, and become more focused and effective in your work. Approved by the Danish Psychological Association.
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Do you want to know more?

If you have any questions or want to know more about my services regarding supervision, training and sparring, please contact me by e-mail or phone.

Mission and vision

My focus as a therapist, supervisor, teacher, and sparring partner is to be as effective and efficient as possible, and create the desired results together with my clients, so that they can use their potential and skills in the most optimal and satisfactory way.

Tailored individually

Therapy, supervision, training, and sparring is structured and flexibly tailored to the individual’s prerequisites. We make sure we agree on which goals we have, and how we are going to achieve them.

Associations and network

I am a member of the Danish Psychological Association, the Norwegian Psychological Association, and the Danish Society for Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), and regularly participate in professional immersion with supervisors and teachers who are at the forefront within psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychotherapy research.

Psychologist Allan E. Larsen

  • Licensed clinical psychologist in Denmark and Norway
  • Certified specialist in psychotherapy (Danish Psychological Association)
  • Certified supervisor in psychotherapy (Danish Psychological Association)
  • Certified supervisor in psychotherapy (Danish Psychiatric Association)
  • Certified specialist in clinical adult psychology (Norwegian Psychological Association)
  • Specializing in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)