Supervision for specialization and personal development

I offer supervision to psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, and other health care professionals, both individual supervision and group supervision.

I am approved by the Danish Psychological Association, the Norwegian Psychological Association, and the Danish Psychiatric Association to provide supervision for authorization and specialization.

We focus on your professional development, and challenges in your clinical work, if possible, based on video recordings of therapy sessions, as well as other relevant issues such as challenges in relation to colleagues, or within the organization.

Clinical work, and relations to colleagues and organizational systems, can be challenging and trigger reactions that are experienced as stressful and burdening, especially early in one’s professional career, or when changing jobs. But it also provides an opportunity to examine and process your experiences and reactions, so that you can gain greater insight and resilience in your work and private life.

For psychologists who specialize in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, supervision and personal development work is mandatory.

Personal therapy/development:
DKK 1.150,- pr. hour.

Individual supervision:
DKK 1.200,- pr. hour.

Group supervision (2 – 3 participants):
DKK 700,- pr. hour pr. participant.

Group supervision (4 – 8 participants):
DKK 500,- pr. hour pr. participant.

Do you want to know more?

If you have any questions or want to know more about my services regarding supervision, training and sparring, please contact me by e-mail or phone.