About psychologist Allan E. Larsen

Supervisor i psykoterapi

Competence and experience

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, specialist and supervisor in psychotherapy (Danish Psychological Association), specialist in clinical adult psychology (Norwegian Psychological Association), and supervisor in psychodynamic psychotherapy (Danish Psychiatric Association).

I have more than twenty years experience as a clinical psychologist and supervisor, and in consulting and managerial positions, at various clinics and organizations in Norway and Denmark, and have been associated with research projects in Norway and the United States. Concurrently, I have maintained a part-time private practice since 2000, first in Norway, and from 2010 in Copenhagen.

I specialize in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) and have completed the three-year training program in ISTDP (“core training”), the three-year teacher and supervisor program (“Training for Trainers”) and participate regularly in supervision and training with some of the most competent supervisors and teachers in the field.

Do you want to know more?

If you have any questions or want to know more about my services regarding supervision, training and sparring, please contact me by e-mail or phone.

My Curriculum Vitae

  • M. Sc. in Psychology (Cand. Psychol.), graduated with Honors, Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen (1999).
  • Licensed clinical psychologist in Denmark and Norway.
  • Specialist and Supervisor in psychotherapy (Danish Psychological Association).
  • Supervisor in psychotherapy (Danish Psychiatric Society).
  • Specialist in adult clinical psychology (Norwegian Psychological Association).
  • Supervisor/instructor program in ISTDP (“Training of Trainers”, Institute for ISTDP, 2016 – 2019).
  • Advanced supervision in ISTDP (Professor Allan Abbass, Dalhousie University, and Jon Frederickson, MSW, Washington School of Psychiatry, and ISTDP Institute, from 2012 – present).
  • Advanced supervision in ISTDP (John Rathauser, Ph.D, USA, from 2021 – present)
  • Core training in ISTDP (Patricia Coughlin, Denmark, 2009 – 2012).
  • Instructor/supervisor program in School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (The National Board of Health and Welfare, Denmark, 2011 – 2014).
  • The Norwegian Psychological Associations specialization program in clinical child and adolescence psychology (2006 – 2010).
  • The Norwegian Psychological Associations specialization program in adult clinical psychology (1999 – 2006).
  • The Norwegian Institute for Psychotherapy’s introductory program in psychoanalytic psychotherapy (Institutt for Psykoterapi, 2004 – 2006).
  • Courses in organizational psychology and management (University of Bergen, and the Norwegian School of Economics, 1993 – 2002).
  • Exchange student (Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier III, France, 1996).
  • Allan E. Larsen Psychological Services (2000 – present): Private practice offering psychotherapy, counseling, supervision, and training in psychotherapy. Full time private practice in Copenhagen since 2012.
  • Copenhagen municipality (2010 – 2017): Staff psychologist. Responsible for treatment planning and evaluation, and supervision of staff at a special education school for students with emotional and learning difficulties.
  • Child and Adolescence Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, Glostrup (2009 – 2010): Clinical psychologist. Evaluation and treatment of adolescents with mental health issues, counselling of parents and mental health professionals.
  • Child Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, Stavanger University Hospital, Norway (2006 – 2008): Clinical psychologist, team leader, and assistant/ managing director. Evaluation and treatment of children with mental health issues, administration, supervision of staff, parents, and other partners.
  • Child Guidance Services, Stavanger, Norway (2005 – 2006): Clinical psychologist (part – time position). Supervision of staff and families with children and adolescents with behavioral and mental health problems.
  • Sandnes Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic, Stavanger University Hospital, Norway (2000 – 2006): Clinical psychologist. Evaluation and treatment of adult psychiatric outpatients. Last three years part – time position in a research project (early detection and intervention in psychosis).
  • Valen Psychiatric Hospital, Norway (1998 – 2000): Clinical psychologist at an acute psychiatric inpatient ward.
  • Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen (1996 – 1998): Instructor in psychology and research assistant.
  • Haukeland Psychiatric Hospital, Bergen, Norway (1993 – 1998): Psychiatric aide.
  • Clinical supervisor and consultant in the Intensive Short – Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) research project for patients with treatment – resistant psychiatric disorders (Drammen District Psychiatric Centre, Norway, 2008 – 2012).
  • Regional coordinator and patient evaluator at the Stavanger site of the Short- and Long-Term Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy research project (Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, 2004 – 2010).
  • Research psychologist in the Early Intervention in Psychosis, and Pre-Psychosis (TIPS-II and TOPP) research projects (Stavanger University Hospital, Norway, 2003 – 2006).
  • Visiting research fellow at the Short-Term Psychotherapy for Personality Disorders research project (Harvard Medical School, 2001).
  • Danish Psychological Association (member).
  • Norwegian Psychological Association (member, former board member and treasurer of the Rogaland chapter,
    2006 – 2008).
  • Danish Society for ISTDP (board member, secretary, and founding president of the society).